Each business consists of two substantial segments, the sequence and the priority of which depends on the stage in which the specific business is and these segments are:

When a new business is in question, the priority is entrepreneurship – because then we search for the modality how to realize our certain business idea and we are ready to risk and invest into it the funds, knowledge and time. Assessment whether a certain business has a chance for success on the market, we make either by our sense and conviction or by a realistic analysis of the market situation and our planned business activities. And there frequently occurs a problem, because, in addition to all objective problems, there is also a realistic market’s whim, which might not accept even the best and the most realistic business and vice versa and that is why there aren’t any guarantees for the success in business.

In the games of chance, considerably higher percentage of the people who win, are the people who know how to play these games – the same situation is with the business. Therefore, it is logical to learn how to do and manage the business, because it provides considerably higher chances for the success in the specific business. An important knowledge in this area is a control of business operations, as well as a method of implementation of such control in practise, because, even the best business idea will not be successfully realized on the market, if the company which realises such idea is not managed and its business operations are not controlled in a proper way.

Every person I work with knows something better than me. My job is to listen long enough to discover what it is and use it.

However, for the businesses which already exist, i.e. for the companies that are already operating on the market, the priority is control of business operations, which is undertaken in order to find out how our business operations are developing and whether the business is proceeding as we planned. To perform this, we use an analysis of business operations, defining of the business procedures, introduction of different norms in handling of the business operations, etc. The problem occurs when the companies do not deal with the other necessary business activity – the entrepreneurship, which implies: permanent analysing of the market, the competition and the clients’ needs, as well as with the specific attempts to continuously keep their position on the market, by means of the new business ideas and new transactions, i.e. by means of the entrepreneurship, offering new products and services to the clients and protecting thereby themselves from the existing competition, as well as from the new and aggressive companies which offer either new or improved existing products, under better conditions. 

Whenever your company is in a stabile business situation and you think that you should only do the existing business, the reality is that somebody already endangers you with a completely new product, which is superior in relation to your product. Rare are the products which do not face this problem – you should only watch the old football matches and you will see that three-quarters of the world companies that were advertising themselves at that time – do not exist today, because no one could explain to them at that moment that they were already endangered by the then new technologies and the companies that were only founded at that time.  


The situation in Serbia is additionally complicated by the mind-set of the Serbian company owner, who thinks – he founded the company and therefore he knows its business the best. He does not have anyone to consult with regarding his business, because he thinks that all the people are dishonest and want to cheat him, as well as that nobody can improve business operations of his company and even if somebody can, he wouldn’t ever let it happen – even at the cost of failure of his company, because if he would let – it would ruin his authority and his absolute position in the company, which is far more important to him than the company itself.

The Serbian companies have not identified the necessity that the best personnel, with the most professional knowledge on the market, work for you. The owner or the manager usually think that they know everything and that they can do everything themselves, however, the business is a team-sport and you need the best team-mates. There is always a question – why this is so logical and obvious in sport, but it isn’t in business?