Control of business operations

poslovni konsalting, kontrola poslovanja

We have already said that the following two things are important for successful business operations of a company:

For jobs that already exist, ie. for companies that are already operating, the priority is to control the business – so that we know how we do business and whether the business is going as we planned. We do this with the help of business analysis, defining business procedures, introducing different business standards, norms of different jobs, making business plans and controlling the implementation of those plans, etc ..

Control of business operations in a company is performed directly by its director – when the level of business operations is such that it is possible, because in such a company the director makes all important decisions and completely controls all the developments within the company.

When, due to a large scope of business activities and a complex organization of the business, the director cannot directly control business operations within a company any longer, then the business softwares are used. These softwares are widely used in everyday business activities nowadays and they comprise: different financial softwares, ERP softwares, CRM softwares, Microsoft Office Programs (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook – the program used for sending e-mails), etc. and in most cases, these programs meet the requirements related to control of business operations in a company.

Having a database of your active and potential customers today is no longer a competitive advantage, but if you don’t have that database, then you have a big problem.

In situations when these softwares do not fully meet the requirements of a company with a complex level of business operations, then the specialized softwares intended for control of business operations can be used and they are described hereinafter. In general, Financial softwares perform this function within a company, in an updated and high-quality manner. However, if these softwares can not provide sufficiently detailed and top-quality analyses of business operations of the company, there is Business operations analysis software which has been outlined so as to monitor and analyse the expenses and revenues of the company on the level of types of products and services (profit centres). Such Business operations analysis softwares enable analysis of the revenues and expenses on the level of profit centre, sector, etc. and provide the analysis of the types of expenses, transactions, time and market. Business operations analysis softwares enable periodical monitoring and comparison of business activities of a company with the planned or previous activities.

Revenues of a company are being analysed by the customers, season and types of goods or according to any other criteria which have been pre-defined as the strategic criteria. Costs of a company are being analysed on the level of the entire company or a certain sector, according to the type of expenses, suppliers, time periods and types of products or according to any other criterion important for analysis of business operations of the company. These softwares adjust to the needs of the company and not vice versa. Similar softwares represent a norm in business operations of foreign companies and they certainly facilitate the work of management and thereby overall business operations of a company are raised to a higher level.

A high-quality use of time is of huge importance for the management, because if the time is not used in a planned and organized manner, it will certainly reflect in a form of low-quality business operations of the company.



A role of practical systems intended for control of business operations is to automatize the working processes, as well as to enable their best possible execution and control. Apart from enabling better and easier performing of the business activities, these systems also enable the management to deal with their primary activity – good realization of the company on the market, as well as with development of the company.

Acceptance of the company’s business operations organized within the system, as the only correct and possible solution, implies clearly established hierarchical structure of the employees within the company, as well as the pre-planned and controlled business processes.

The tools, by means of which the control of business operations is technologically implemented, represent the norm of business operations in the world, because by their application, the overall business operations of a company are put under control in a specific and precisely pre-defined manner, and thereby the preconditions for further steps towards establishing a well-organized company are created.

When there is an absence of quality control of business in the company, the director feels it as a big problem in his business, because the priority of every director’s job is to be sure what is happening in the company, whether the work is under control, that all business data are accurate. that the goods and assets are under control, that there is a system that protects the company from all harmful behaviors of employees and other business partners, that it has accurate, up-to-date, and diverse information about its business and market developments.



The main directions in organization and control of business operations can be established by means of the softwares that set the norms of business communication within a company, as well as monitoring of the revenues and expenses within the specific company (which represents the norm in business operations of the companies all over the world).


These softwares resolve two largest problems within a company – organization and control, because they enable monitoring of the developments within a company, control of realization of the assignments and the plans, as well as bringing of the adopted business procedure to the level of automatization, which creates for the first time normal conditions for work of the management.

All the above mentioned softwares are only the tools that help us to perform the most important thing in business and that is to put business operations under control (they are not necessary if we can do this without the assistance of these softwares), but we certainly have to know how our business operations are developing, what are our revenues and expenses, we have to be sure that our organization prevents harmful behaviour of the employees, we also have to know the developments on the market, so that, based on all these information, we could prepare high-quality business plans and monitor their realization and so that we could reward the employees meritorious for their realization, etc.

All these are the basic conditions so that we could say that we are running business operations of a certain company – without them, it is more or less mere luck and coincidence.

Unfortunately, the control of business operations itself is not sufficient to have a company with successful business operations, because we can perfectly control the business and it will anyway be unsuccessful and non-competitive. Entrepreneurship represents the other part of activities that we have to perform simultaneously and in the best possible way, to make concrete decisions, through new products and services we offer to the clients.