Recipe for a good company – Concept

Presentation that is shown on this site represents an attempt, based on the practical operative experience, to give a reply to the question:

Is there a recipe for a good company?

Business education is the main goal of this site, as a specific training on how to run a company’s business through practical examples, because it is the best way to learn everything you need to know in order to run a business – management.

It is hard to exactly define economy, because of a large number of factors that have an impact on it and many of these factors are not under our control. Therefore, it is necessary that, at least the matters of indisputable importance – which surely contribute to better quality of business operations, are performed as soon as and as good as possible.

Unlike law, medicine and many other professions for which a narrow professional and specialized education is necessary to be entitled to pursue these professions, this is not the case with economy. Unfortunately, it is considered that almost everyone knows economy and that no specific and specialized knowledge of economy and management of a company are required for dealing with these jobs.

If business is so busy that you don't have time for anything else, then something is wrong - either with you or with your business.
William Boetcker

Separation of ownership function and management function (which is the basis of market economy) has not yet become a reality to a large extent in Serbia. The fact that many politicians in Serbia deal with economy as with their favourite hobby is the reason of large falling behind of Serbian management in relation to their competition.


Business management

At the faculties in Serbia, minimum attention is devoted to the specific knowledge related to how to organize and conduct the business activities of a company in practise. Mainly general, theoretical subjects are being studied there, whereas the knowledge related to conducting the business activities of a company is expected to be gained spontaneously, through an individual experience – in the practise at the job, which is rather illogical, having in mind the importance of such knowledge – both for business operations of the entire economy, as well as for each director individually.

The main function of this site is business education or what is important that we need to know and do in our business, if we want to run it successfully.

Specific examples of this are the 176 newsletters MANAGER DOLPHIN, which deal with business education through specific examples from the business practice of the world’s most successful companies and leaders.