Road to a good company

poslovni konsalting, kontrola poslovanja

Using business consulting services – which analyze your business in detail and give specific suggestions on how to improve it, is something that every company should apply, because often a slightly different view of your business can contribute to its significant improvement.

The most difficult part in any business is to invent a good business.

Business consulting is the best and fastest solution by which the company certainly creates conditions for improving its business, because by using business consulting services by specialized companies and individuals who are experts in this field, the company gets the help and knowledge it needs to further develop its business. doing business in the most efficient way.

A company can be managed based on a personal authority and by means of a personal control; however, if due to development of business activities this can not physically be accomplished, there are the tools and mechanisms we can familiarize you with and introduce them into the routines and procedures of your company and they will surely contribute to better business operations of the company and will facilitate its managing.

Hire the best. Pay them fairly. Communicate often. Provide challenges and recognition. Believe in them. Get out of their way and they will knock you off your feet!
Mary Ann Allison

Such organization of business activities enables you to reward or penalize the employees with certainty – according to clearly pre-defined criteria, on the basis of realized plans and accomplished results. This also creates the preconditions so that the top-quality personnel wish to work in your company, because they see a possibility for their successful realization in your company. Such organization enables at the same time that the top-quality personnel is accepted by the employees in the best possible manner, because the employees know that their work and overall results will be in direct proportion with their rewarding.

Business consulting is the best and fastest solution by which the company certainly creates the conditions for improving its business

Regardless of whether you are the owner of the company or the managing director, the quality of your personal life depends on successfulness of your business. It is logical therefore, that you do everything possible which surely contributes to successful handling of business operations, because it will improve not only your business operations, but also the quality of your personal life!

Many people listen to the music, some people play some instrument, but only rare people compose - it is the same situation with the business.

If you know how to analyse the market and the competition, if you know how to identify which your products or services would be welcomed by the clients in comparison with the competition, if you know how to prepare a high-quality and applicable SWOT analysis of your business and if you know how to implement it in practise, then you understand your business and with you, that business has a chance for a success.


When a company has an organized approach to its business, it is young and ambitious as if it is a newly-founded company. It makes decisions and develops in the direction in which the market develops, such company dictates changes, uses its resources, knowledge and the position it has established with the clients, but, at the same time, it is innovative and ambitious as the newly-founded companies which are trying to enter such markets.

The employees in such companies feel that they are useful and important, because they deal with the most important part of each business and that is – how to improve that business.

Their knowledge is recognized and appreciated and team spirit and friendly atmosphere is normal business ambient in such companies.

 Such company dictates changes and trends in its business and thereby it becomes a desirable environment for the best professionals in that business and the top-quality personnel wish to work in such company, because they know that their knowledge and ideas will be appreciated and rewarded.

Formerly only the director used to think about the business, whereas nowadays 10-20 top-quality employees think about the specific business and thus, frequently mentioned term synergy gets its full significance.

Even in nature development is not a spontaneous and accidental activity and therefore it is a privilege of smart companies and smart people, because it requires thinking, planning and taking specific actions related to the future.

When thinking about the business, leading companies in the world of fashion should serve as a model, because they most think about the new business, they dictate trends in their business, they observe developments on the market and they do all these things constantly and in an organized manner, as the priorities in their business. Imagine only that such fashion companies had been self-satisfied, that they hadn’t have time because they had to sew so many things, that they had constantly sewn the same things because such things had currently been best sold – very soon such companies would have fallen out of fashion. It is the same situation with the other businesses, but only it is not so obvious.

Does your company have an organized approach to its business; does it think about the business and analyse it; does it possess an established procedure which deals with organisation and development of the business activities, as well as with rewarding; does your company possess the business plan that is being realized; does your company take any concrete steps in order to beat the competition and which are those steps; does your company possess the analysis of competition, the market and your business?

If you think that it would be good for your business to make all these things and if you need an assistance for that, we would like to do it together with you, because it is a nice, interesting and very constructive job.


The author of this site has been managing and improving business in various private companies for 30 years, and everything that is written on this site is a practical experience that defined this text.

That is why I am not someone who theoretically deals with economic topics and I don’t know that, but I know what and how to improve the business of a company, because I have been doing that for 30 years.

I worked in banking, in the media, trade, IT sector, startup businesses and the largest corporations, in small and large private companies, where I and my friends improved the business of those companies and I like to do that.